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Whenever we speak about Hang Tuah, many history blind fools will claim that this famous Malay warrior is Chinese. In fact, they brought up points and information to “further prove” that Hang Tuah is Chinese. Thus, we write this article to rebut these ridiculous points and give you REAL facts about Hang Tuah.

1) Question/points: ‘Hang’ is not a common name used by the Malays. Only Hang Tuah and the five brothers are known in local history to be the only people to use the name ‘Hang’. The Malays don’t have any family name or surname. So, Hang Tuah’s real name is Hang Too Ah, Hang Jebat’s real name is Hang Jee Fat/Hang Jew Fat, Hang Lekir’s real name is Hang Liew Kier and Hang Lekiu’s real name is Hang Lee Kiew. So this proves that ‘Hang’ is a Chinese family name/surname.

Answer: Whoever wrote this, or agreed to whatever this guy just said, I don’t think you have ever mixed or socialised with any Malay people. Here, let me teach you something that you don’t know about names in the Malay culture.
In some states, there are many Malays who share the same first name.

In Kelantan, it is common for the Malays to have the name ‘Nik’ or ‘Wan’ as their first name. ‘Daeng’ on the other hand is a common first name used by the Malay Bugis. ‘Raden’ is a common first name used by the Javanese. ‘Meor’ is a common first name used by the Malays in Perak. While the Malays who have mixed Malay-Arab or descendants of the Prophet’s (pbuh) family would commonly use ‘Sharif’ or ‘Sayyid/Syed’ as the first name for a boy and ‘Syarifah’ for girls.

Back to the ridiculous claim that ‘Hang’ is a Chinese surname and is not used by the Malays, let me give you this trick question: Alright the claim twisted Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu’s name, but what about Hang Kasturi? When we ask them this question, they suddenly shut their mouths. Why? What’s the matter? You can’t find or make up words to change Hang Kasturi’s name into a Chinese name?

The truth is, these people who make claims that Hang Tuah and the five brothers are Chinese have literally never read any history books. These names are purely of Malay origin and not Chinese. ‘Tuah’ means ‘Luck’ , ‘Jebat’ means ‘Body odour/Body smell’ , ‘Kasturi’ is known to many as ‘perfume’ , ‘Lekir’ is a type of ‘ubi’, while ‘Lekiu’ is from the old classic Malay language which literally means ‘sticky’.

These blind history fools, would try to further prove Hang Tuah is Chinese by claiming that Hang Tuah came to Malacca from China with Hang Li Po’s envoy. The truth is, the story and origin of Hang Tuah dates back older than the event of Hang Li Po’s arrival to Malacca.

Other than that, some Malay families use the same first name as a family surname. For example, the most common names used as first names in the Malay society is ‘Tun’, ‘Wan’ , ‘Nik’, ‘Long’, ‘Che’ and many more.

Back to the claim that ‘Hang’ is a Chinese family surname and not used in Malay society, the Sulalatus Salatin (Sejarah Melayu/The Malay Annals) says otherwise:

“Adapun ‘Perhangan’ ke bawah duli Sultan Mansur Syah yang setelah sudah pilihan delapan orang, iaitu Hang Jebat, dan Hang Kasturi, dan Hang Iskandar, dan Hang Hassan, Hang Hussin; dan tua-tuanya Tun Bija Sura, menjadi Sembilan dengan Hang Tuah.

Sekaliannya berkasih-kasihan, muafakat, sama berilmu, tetapi kepada barang main tewas semuanya oleh Hang Tuah. Demikianlah diceritakan oleh yang empunya ceritera”.
-Sulalatus Salatin versi A.Samad Ahmad dan Shellbear.

With the sentence given above, it is proven that ‘Hang’ was a common and classical name used during the era of the Sultanate of Malacca.

It is known to us that Hang Tuah and the five brothers were highly ranked warriors who were given the duty to protect Malacca and were often called to the palace. Sultan Mansur Syah had given the name ‘Hang’ to the 9 individuals including Hang Tuah.

Besides these 9 individuals, there were many other famous warriors and ministers during that era who used the name ‘Hang’ such as Hang Ali, Hang Iskandar, Hang Hassan and Hang Husin. In fact, after the fall of the Sultanate of Malacca, the name ‘Hang’ was used by a famous warrior; he was none other than Laksamana Hang Nadim.

The claim of Hang Tuah’s real name as ‘Hang Too Ah’ is ridiculous. We have given you proof straight from Sulalatus Salatin which is our main source to rebut this claim.

2) Question/point: There are no records proving that Hang Tuah existed before the arrival of Hang Li Po. This proves that Hang Tuah came with Hang Li Po’s envoy.

Answer: Seriously? Do you really think so? Have you ever heard of Hikayat
Hang Tuah? Sulalatus Salatin? Ever heard of the story of the young Hang Tuah saving the Bendahara from an ‘amok’ mob? No? What about the story of young Hang Tuah and his friends who fought pirates that were chasing after them?

The story of Hang Tuah saving the Bendahara Tun Perak from the ‘amok’ mob and the story of how the Bendahara brought Hang Tuah and the five brothers to face the Sultan is older than the arrival of Hang Li Po. This further proves the existence of Hang Tuah even before the arrival of Hang Li Po.

3) Question/point: Okay, you got me. But explain to me: How did Princess Hang Li Po get ‘Hang’ in her first name?

Answer: Oh it’s simple. The name ‘Hang’ was bestowed on the princess by the Sultan of Malacca. Also fun fact! The Princess’s surname is Li (Lee). ‘Li’ is common and respected surname used by Chinese families. So won’t it be awkward if people claim that ‘Hang’ is a surname as well? I mean think about it! How could someone have 2 different surnames at once? You can’t use both ‘Hang’ and ‘Li’ at the same time on one person.

4) Question/point: Okay! Okay! So Hang Tuah isn’t Chinese. Now prove to me that he’s real!

Answer: Hang Tuah’s name has been mentioned in as many as 7 Chapters in the Sulalatus Salatin (Sejarah Melayu/ The Malay Annals). If Hang Tuah is indeed a legend, then why would the writer write 7 Chapters about Hang Tuah’s history?

Hikayat Hang Tuah has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage in terms of literature. If you deny the existence of Hang Tuah, it is just the same as denying the existence of Malacca. This is because the main source which tells the history of Hang Tuah is Sulalatus Salatin (Sejarah Melayu/ The Malay Annals). In fact, the name Hang Tuah has been mentioned as many as 170 times in the texts of Sejarah Melayu.

Other than that, ever heard of the Keris ‘Taming Sari’? This keris was the same keris that Hang Tuah took as trophy after fighting a Majapahit warrior. If Hang Tuah didn’t exist, how did the keris get into the hands of the Sultanate of Perak?

Extra info by translator: There is actually a whole book discussing about Hang Tuah and the misunderstanding of his history. This article is pretty much a “skim through”. You can read up ‘Membongkar Rahsia Dunia Melayu’ by Srikandi and Al-Semantani Ibnu Rusydi (pg 192-207) to understand and read up more about the misunderstanding of Hang Tuah’s name and history. Other than that, I just want to apologise if I have any grammatical mistakes in this article. If I do, I will quickly fix it.

Original article written by: -HE- , Srikandi, and Al-Semantani Ibnu Rusydi.
Translated and edited by: -OF-

1) Membongkar Rahsia Dunia Melayu (pg 192 -207) by Srikandi, Al-Semantani Ibnu Rusydi
2) Hikayat Hang Tuah
3) Mohd Yusoff Hashim (2008) “Hang Tuah Wira Melayu”, Institut Kajian Sejarah dan Patriotisme Malaysia.
4) Sulalatus Salatin versi A.Samad Ahmad dan Shellbear
5) Concept of a Hero in Malay Society by Shaharuddin Maaruf

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Tabiat Wanita yg menjurus ke Neraka


Sebagai peringatan untuk para wanita dipaparkan suatu peristiwa di suatu Eid, di mana seorang wakil telah dilantik dari kaum wanita untuk bertemu dengan Rasulullah SAW untuk meminta baginda SAW memberi ucapan khusus untuk kaum wanita.

Baginda bersetuju dan menyuruh mereka berkumpul di Baabun Nisaa’.

Setelah kaum wanita berkumpul, Bilal pergi memanggil Rasulullah SAW. Baginda pun pergi ke sana , dan memberi salam dan memberi tazkirah seperti berikut:

“Assalamu’alaikum, wahai kumpulan/kaum wanita. Wahai kaum wanita, Aku lihat kamu ini lebih banyak di neraka”.

Seorang wanita lalu bangun bertanya, “Apakah yang menyebabkan yang demikian? Adakah sebab kami ini kufur?’
Rasulullah SAW menjawab, “Tidak. Bukan begitu. Tetapi ada dua tabiat kamu yang tidak elok yang boleh menjerumuskan kamu ke dalam neraka:

1.Kamu banyak mengutuk/menyumpah.
2.Kamu suka kufurkan ( nafikan) kebaikan suami

Kemudian baginda SAW mengingatkan kumpulan wanita supaya:
Banyak beristighfar dan bersedekah

Yang dimaksudkan dengan mengutuk/menyumpah ialah seperti contoh di bawah:

Contoh 1 – Katakan kita lama menunggu bas. Tetapi bas masih tak kunjung tiba, akibat geram dan marah kita mungkin berkata, “Driver bas ni dah mampus agaknya.” Perkataan mampus itu termasuk dalam erti kata menyumpah. Lisan wanita memang terlalu cepat menyumpah. Kadang-kadang pakaian, perkakas rumah, hatta suami pun kena sumpah.

Contoh 2 – Tengah memasak gas habis. Kita mungkin berkata “Celaka punya gas. Masa ni jugak nak habis.” Yang dimaksudkan kufur di sini bukan kufur I’tiqad tetapi bererti tidak mengiktiraf Kebaikan di sini bermaksud tanggungjawab yang telah ditunaikan oleh suami.

Berkaitan dengan hal ini, Rasulullah pernah ditanya oleh seorang suami yang kurang faham apa yang dimaksudkan dengan ‘kufurkan kebaikan suami’.

Rasulullah SAW berkata,”Tidakkah pernah engkau jumpa, seorang isteri, jika seumur hidup engkau, engkau berbuat baik kepadanya, tetapi di suatu ketika, disebabkan dia tidak mendapat sesuatu yang dia kehendaki, maka dia akan berkata ,”Awak ini, saya tak nampak satu pun kebaikan awak”

(Dalam masyarakat kita kata-kata di atas mungkin boleh dikaitkan dengan perkataan seperti berikut:
”Selama hidup dengan awak, apa yang saya dapat?”.Tak guna sesen pun’).

Rasulullah SAW sambung lagi ,
’Mana-mana isteri yang berkata, “Awak ini, saya tak nampak satu pun kebaikan awak”, maka akan gugur pahala-pahala amalannya.’

Saranan Rasulullah SAW yang seterusnya ialah menyuruh kaum wanita banyak beristighfar dan bersedekah, kerana ia dapat menyelamatkan kita dari dua perkara yang boleh menjerumuskan kita ke dalam api neraka seperti yang disebutkan tadi.

Sumber: Islam itu Indah

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