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It is the natural instict (fitrah) or the natural demeanour of mankind that every man, every tribe or every race desires unity and solidarity.No man or tribe or race likes disunity, especially if such disunity can lead to enmity and war.

Disunity leads to enmity and subsequently to war,hardship prevails to all parties. Subsistence is difficult to seek for, travelling is a worry as far as safety is concerned. Having a good night sleep is a luxury as one never know when one`s property would become the target of hard crime robbers and murderers. War survivors may be seriously handicapped and disabled, become unproductive in the nation`s progress and development. Disunity which may lead to war, will result in man losing his freedom, living in fear and anxiety, be emotionally depressed and restless. The effects of disunity are atrocious and there are great risks that man will have to bear, the pain and destruction man have to endure will last for a few generations. Hence, disunity is truly the enemy of mankind, the reason why majority abhors and dislikes it.

Man’s innate desire is wanting to live in peace, for therein contains the secret of happiness and harmony that is longed for by all mankind regardless of their ethnic origins and race.The reason why everyone desires to unite and integrate.

Writer: Abuya Sheikh Asaari Muhammad

20/08/2008 - Posted by | Articles in English

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