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Unity Amongst Mankind

It is a natural instinct for man regardless of his tribe or race to love,to mingle around among friends and loved ones and to be part of society on the whole. Among the reasons are as follows:

a. Someone who lives by himself will only feel lonely and the emptiness. A conversation with another person will, to a certain extent, help fill the mind and heart and gives a short term happiness.

b. No one is capable to fulfill his basic needs in life like food, drinks, clothing and shelter all by himself. He needs help and assistance from others directly or indirectly.

c. Nobody is free from the various trials and tribulations in life e.g. suffering from illness, living in poverty, suffering from natural disasters and death. As such, it is an impossibility for one to solve and alleviate these problems alone.

d. It is not possible to avoid enmity with others. To help fight against the evils of their enemies, mankind require assisstance. They need help from friends and allies.

e. Opposite sexes attract each other, this is a natural instinct. When there is a mutual feeling and needs arises, this will lead to a bond in marriage. There arises a union of two families.

f. It is the nature of mankind to develop and advance themselves. This brings about the relationship between employers and employees. Employers are dependent on their employees and vice versa.

g. It is the natural tendency of mankind to desire knowledge. Hence the need to look for teachers. Those with knowledge naturally want to disseminate their knowledge to others who are seeking. So there arises a need for one another in a teacher-student relationship.

h. It is also a natural instinct for those with leadership capabilities having the desire to become leaders. The ignorant and the weak need the protection with the help from these capable leaders. There arises a need for each other in a leader-follower relationship.

With the phenomenon listed above, we can conclude that to live in this world we need one another, we need each other’s support, help and cooperation. Like it or not, this the rule of life. If his natural desire does not urge him to do so, the situation in life will force him to need others.

Source: Minda Mujahid

18/08/2008 - Posted by | Articles in English

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